Our company

DRALL ELLINIKI A.E. was founded in 1970 producing electrical tubular heating elements and related products. Since then, being always commited in producing reliable products has remained a priority. The company has developed more complex products in order to offer competitive solutions of higher technological level. In this way DRALL ELLINIKI A.E. has established a distinquisged position in the international market.

Our history

The company was founded as a personal company by the innovative entrepreneur Konstantinos Drallos.

In 1974, with the shareholding participationn of the German multinational ELTRA KG, the company was transformed to a Société Anonyme under the name DRALL-ELTRA AE. There follows a period of vast growth, especially in the field of technology and equipment.

In 1987 the Company moves to a new owned plant in Agios Stefanos, Attiki (greater Athens area).

In 1991 the part of ELTRA KG has been taken over and the Company is since then 100% of Greek interests. The name of the Company has become DRALL ELLINIKI A.E.

1992 – today. The company has been active internationally, with multiple participations in Trade Fairs taking place in countries such as Germany, Romania, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. and others. Therefore, the domestic character that has been established over the years is now becoming international and exports start to grow in size.

Our vision

DRALL ELLINIKI A.E. looks forward to develop via further modernisation of its products, based on the advantage of years of experience and expertise. We believe that our electrical heating elements will be more efficient, with premium characteristics, offering solutions to complex requirements. Further penetration to the global market, especially in the field that demands products of high standards, is our goal. The hallmark “DRALL” will always be a sign of reassurance.