Drall Ελληνική ΑΕ | Η Ελληνική εταιρία παραγωγής ηλεκτρικών αντιστάσεων


Personalized customer service. We do not build a product that we have for many customers. We manufacture for each of our customers the products they need. Our communication with the customer is direct with the Company's man who needs it. We do not focus on the product but on the customer.

We are interested in the relationship between quality and price being excellent. Our products must justify their selling price in full. The customer must "collect" the price paid for our product purchase and so should be evaluated by the customer.

Our production program builds on the demands of our customers. Agreements for the pre-purchase of materials, our stocks, both in raw materials and in finished products, are organized with a view to our timely response to the needs of our customers.

Our thinking about our expansion is to gain customers with a lure of the structure that our Company has to meet both the constant needs and the extraordinary daily routines that come with the same willingness, efficiency and technological excellence as each DRALL customer has requirement.