DRALL ELLINIKI A.E. offers a full range of services covering every need related to electrical tubular heating elements.

Intense competition from one side and the need of expansion in the global market from the other, demand for business decisions and actions that will develop reliable products, clever, innovative, conforming to multiple standards and by all means competitive. Close collaboration of the parties involved (Sales, Marketing, Quality Assurance, R&D) is crucial to this goal.

Our people cooperate fully with all the relevant sections of the customer’s company so that we can fully and without any doubt understand what the customer wants. This is a daily routine, dynamic and meaningful. We believe that every customer is unique and he wishes and deserves his own product.

Hence, we operate so that for every particular customer:

  • Assign his own specifications and requirements.
  • Work jointly and with common interest for the improvement of the final product.
  • Design and develop together products that will satisfy the strictest restrictions, being able in this way to penetrate international markets.
  • Meet on the production field to perceive and to realistically reckon all the details.
  • Participate together in key events that promote development and deepening of commercial activities and broadening of cooperation.
  • Develop brand names that cooperate and are recognizable.
  • Study various issues, assess together related costs, design and implement whatever is needed.


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E-mail: info@drall.gr